British Hair and Beauty Collective

For decades the hairdressing, barbering and beauty sector has never been recognised by Government or by the general public for the truly professional industries they are.

This position causes many problems for the sector not least because Government will not recognise an industry that doesn’t speak with one united voice.

Historically and currently there are too many industry organisations, many of which are commercial, attempting to speak on behalf of the whole sector whilst realistically no one organisation can in fact do this.

In itself this causes huge confusion and without doubt throughout the years and more recently through the pandemic, the impact the sector would have had on Government response and guidance had the sector spoken with one united voice, would have arguably been so much stronger.

Hence the launch of the “British Hair and Beauty Collective”

The Collective is a virtual body of people, open to all, with everyone included having an equal say.

This Collective is about the industry, its future and its perception to Politicians and the public at large, not about individuals, personal agenda’s and egos……….simply, by the industry for the industry. This truly will be ‘Shaping the future together’.

Hairdressers, Barbers and Beauty Therapists are not considered ‘professional’. The industry is still totally unregulated which is farcical, and with The Collectives association with The Hairdressing Council (Trading as The Hair and Barber Council) it seeks to redress this imbalance with Government, by amending the current voluntary Act of Parliament to that of mandatory whilst adding beauty and nails into the body of the Act. The industry will then be run by industry, increasing public confidence in the sector, outlining the huge career opportunities the industry offers whilst raising the overall position and perception of the sector to Government.